WWSMW – Rainbow Brite

… And a trip down memory lane!

Rainbow Brite made out of balloons

What is WWSMW? Why, it’s “What Will She Make Wednesday?” – a fun little game I play over on my social media accounts. I ask my followers for suggestions of what I could make, and then give one of them a go. As a child of the 80s, I couldn’t resist choosing to make Meredith’s suggestion of Rainbow Brite. 

You know how in life, there are icons that you love? For me, one of the most enduring in my heart is Rainbow Brite. I have even cosplayed a version of her, which if you keep on reading I will share with you! It coincided back with my early days of balloon twisting, and it made for a handy costume to wear to events!

Another thing that happened early on in my ballooning journey was coming across the invaluable resource balloon-animals.com/forum. It was the place to be if you were a twister (before FB really took over!), and it is where I majorly up-skilled myself. 

There was a challenge given to me by another forum member in a challenge thread to create Rainbow Brite, and I gave it a good go. Funnily enough, Googling “Rainbow Brite Balloon Twisting” and the first picture result is my original attempt looking back at me! Presumably taken from my old blog and reappearing on Pinterest… It certainly made me smile and reminisce!  That’s from about 10 years ago now… And really, you can get good at almost anything in 10 years!

One of my first ballooning adventures!

At the Katherine Country Music Muster 

Back in the early days of twisting, I had some Cosplay costumes that were fun and colourful that were perfect for wearing twisting balloons. This Rainbow Brite inspired one was one of my most favourite to make. It was such a fun outfit to wear, and I know that I would like to do something again inspired by her.

So do you have a favourite 80’s icon? Comment who they are in the comments!

2 thoughts on “WWSMW – Rainbow Brite

    1. Thank you for your kind words Carol! I sometimes like to add a touch of fabric to a balloon! I definitely think that it can help enhance a creation 🙂 for this one, I just added a ribbon to her hair, but you’re giving me some ideas about how to incorporate it more..!

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