Do you have a question for A Rainbow of Balloons? Maybe I’ve answered it here for you… But if not you do have a chance to ask!

General Questions

How long will my balloon last?

Let’s start with a hard question, shall we?! Balloon animals are funny creatures. All at once they are whimsical, fragile, unpredictable… And yet they also possess the ability to be resilient, robust and hardy. Normally, they will look pretty decent for at least a couple of days, unless through happenstance or misadventure they deflate.

When I give to you a balloon creation that I have crafted, to the best of my ability I have attempted to give it the best chance at longevity that I can.

Are those special balloons that you use?

Why yes they are! The balloons I use are Qualatex and Betallatex, with the odd occasion another brand may be used. You would be surprised with what shapes you can create with balloons if at first you abandon your fear that it may pop and just give it a go!

How did you make that?

Well if you watch very closely… You will see that it was with my hands. What you may not have noticed was the particular way in which I hold my tongue, which is probably the single most important thing to making balloon art.

No, how did you really make that?

Okay, okay.  Maybe you’ll like this answer better… I have been bending balloons for at least 10 years, and you can get good at almost anything in that amount of time! I got my start with a cheap balloon kit from the suburban Supermarket. I learnt all that I could by all the books available to me locally, and when I connected to the internet I discovered the boundless possibilities available.

These days, to upskill myself, I further my ballooning ability by attending “Balloon School” when I can, as well as invest in new designs put out by my peers that I hope that you love as much as I do to!

I also come up with my own original designs, at it brings me so much joy when I see them being loved!

What is the hardest thing that you can make?

Just a gal with some balloons!

The hardest one is where the balloon keeps popping! But to give a better answer the question, much of what I make “out in the field” are designs that come easily to me, it’s all about muscle memory and repetition.

If I were to be making a design in the comfort of my home for the first time… That’s probably as hard as it gets for me!

Finally, if you wanted to know the biggest, most impressive thing that takes me the longest time to make (which is the question that I think that you now want to ask!), that would be a wearable balloon dress. If you haven’t done so already, you can check out some of the dresses that I have made here.

Sales Questions

What happens when I hire you for my event?

You totally make my day! And then, after confirming with me all the details of your party or event, I make the commitment to you to be at your event. I don’t require very much time to set up before I am ready to twist, so unless requested otherwise by yourself, I will be there 5-10 minutes before the  start time.

I will make for your attendees whatever they ask for – within reason of course! If it is something that I have the ability to create, believe me that I will do my best!

Some events require simple and quick designs to help serve more people. I am happy to accommodate this and work of a set bespoke menu – just ask!

I would love to order a balloon centerpiece, but I don’t see it in your gallery?

If you put your faith in me to create a design that I have not done before, that’s awesome! I love a challenge, and I will work with you to make your bespoke piece amazing! I can make almost anything, and if you trust me,  I will make you something that you’ll be exited to receive or gift to your guest of honour!

How much notice do you need if I want to hire you?

Whether it be ordering a centrepiece, or having me attend your function or event, booking me in advance to ensure that I am available for your chosen time is key. Otherwise as long as I am not already booked, I am pretty flexible and will do my best to fit you in!

Other Questions

Do you travel?

I am happy to serve anyone who would like to hire me, so I am available to travel anywhere! 
I am based in Palmerston in the Northern Territory of Australia. My hourly rate covers travel within the Darwin, Palmerston and Humpty Doo area. Travel outside this area will incur an additional cost, which I can chat about with you if required.

I am happy to travel to my Hometown anytime!

I haven’t found an answer to my question?!

Oh no! Let me help you out there! Email me or use my contact form with your question and I will return to you with an answer. And if it’s a really good one, well you might just find it listed here next time you visit!