Balloon Dresses

Balloon Dress worn at the Darwin Esplanade
I love this dress… But I also love my shoes!

Do you want to stand out of the crowd? Do it with style in your own bespoke balloon dress! Don’t despair that you might have a dramatic wardrobe malfunction, because by design should one bubble deflate it usually only affects the couple that surround it.

Plan to Wear it Only Once

If kept in ideal conditions, the dress will last anywhere from 1-2 days as a potentially wearable creation. The cooler the area it is stored the longer it may last. Although it may be possible for you to get several wears out of the dress, please note that I recommend for best results that it would be most suitable to be worn once.

Wear What No-One is Wearing!

 Rest assured that your bespoke dress is one that you can guarantee no-one else will be wearing. I am open to any input you might have regarding design elements, and my promise to you is that I will not make another person the exact dress that you will be wearing – ensuring your dress truly is one a of a kind. 

Balloon dresses can anywhere from 4-10+ hours to complete, and so the price of a dress will start at $400 for the most basic design. You will be able to customise your colour and style and together we will create your dream dress! The individual price quoted will be largely be based on the style of your choosing. Part of this service is that on the day that you will be wearing the dress, I will also personally help you into your design.

Let’s Get Started!

 I would love to provide you with a custom quote for your ideal balloon dress, so please contact me today to start the discussions on your amazing balloon dress!