Balloon Animal Clip Art

Balloon animal clip art is a beautiful thing. When balloon animal clip art is used to create a balloon twisting menu, it allows for several things:

  • the person receiving the balloon will make their choice quicker
  • it will  keep the line moving 
  • as you yourself curated the choices the expectations of your customers and yourself are harmoniously aligned.

Also, if you’re reading this and you’re planning an event where you would like to ensure that every detail of your event is special: I am happy to work with you to create for you a bespoke balloon menu that compliments the theme of your celebration. Here are just some of the available designs:

Balloon Animal Clip Art
Some of the designs that I offer


Despite knowing the power of balloon menus, I don’t currently utilise one! I have in the past, and it was great (for all of the afore mentioned reasons!). But I want to offer new, different and exciting designs. And so, I am working towards building up a new library of my designs so that I may create custom menus, that can be offered at either events or parties — wherever you would like to celebrate with balloons! No longer shall I hear the question that makes my mind race… “What can you make” haha!

Are you looking for Balloon Animal Clip Art?

Working with the beautiful Holly, I am proudly able to offer some of my current designs for sale! I hope that they may be utilised by my fellow balloon artists! Please visit her diverse webstore and not only can you purchase from her amazing designs, but she is offering a number of my own balloon clip art (designs listed under the name Sonia Bochow)! Of my own designs available through Holly, there will also be links to tutorials to learn how to make the designs – making it so easy to add these to your own menus!

And Finally…

If you are a balloon artist, I have a gift for you… If you have arrived here by via my YouTube tutorial this is what you are looking for. I hope that you enjoy it and would love to see any menus that you may create with my clip art!

Oh, and I nearly forgot! What kind of clip art design should I work on next? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!

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