Introducing Fairy Rainbow Sparkles!

I feel incredibly lucky that I get paid to do a job that I love. And when you can make art that can bring smiles to the faces of adults and children while being a magical fairy?! Well let’s just say it’s beyond the dreams that a young Sonia could have dreamt! This festive season, I happily donned a new persona, that of Miss Hyacinth Rainbow Sparkles the fairy, but you can call me Fairy Rainbow Sparkles (or Rainbow!) for short. […]

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Ever since I was young, I have looked forward to a number of yearly events…. My Birthday, the Katherine Show, Christmas… And of course, Halloween! They all have had their reasons and I think that one of the greatest things about Halloween is to have fun being scared, and having the chance to dress up and enjoy an evening with friends! Being an Australian, there is sometimes negativity that we shouldn’t be celebrating such things; however my philosophy is that we need to create a life that we enjoy living. Part of this is by embracing our multicultural society, and knowing what it means to bring us our happy memories in this life. But this isn’t a blog post to debate the merits of celebrating Halloween down under, it’s to celebrate what is fun about it! Halloween Balloons are such a fun way to get into the spirit of the season! (Pun intended — you’re welcome!)

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite twisted balloon creations from over the years:

Some of my Favourite Halloween Balloons

Celebrate what you love, and love what you celebrate!

day of the dead inspired balloons

Halloween balloons is just one way to get festive in the spooky season, but this year I think that I might also celebrate with a scary movie marathon…  A “The Conjuring” movies sesh anyone?? Hmm…. Now that would be fun to plan..!

So I wrote that last paragraph a couple of days ago. And guess what? Now I’ve organised myself a movie marathon with friends. I can’t wait, and now I am sure that I need to decorate with some more Halloween balloons! Looking for some less scary balloons? Why not check out my balloon art gallery and see some of the sweeter things available!

If you’re looking at incorporating some balloons at your Halloween Party, a fun way to do this is head to your local party store and buy some festive Halloween inspired balloons. Can’t get them locally? Try online (link is to my favourite supplier), but don’t delay! But if you want a truly fun and twisted time contact me about making your party a bit more spooktacular with some bespoke Halloween Balloons!

Balloon Art Decor

Halloween is Coming – Are You Ready?

I am looking for…

Hi! Do you need a Darwin Balloon Artist? Well then let me introduce myself! I am Sonia – an industry award winning balloon artist based in Palmerston. I have been creating balloon art since 2008, and am dedicated to bringing to you the ‘wow’ factor through each and every balloon creation. Serving areas in and around Darwin, Palmerston and the top half of the Northern Territory of Australia.

I pride myself on being the best balloon artist available in the Darwin and Palmerston area. So if you are looking for entertainment for a small party or large event, having me perform for you will help to ensure that your event is talked about and won’t be soon forgotten. People of all ages love balloons – and you will love seeing the smiles that balloons bring!

For Your Peace of Mind…

Rest assured as I am covered by Public Liability Insurance and posses a Working With Children Ochre Card.

All the balloons that are used are high quality Qualatex and Betallatex. These are 100% latex – no plastic is present in the balloons. I am a proud member of PEBA – The Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, and advocate for the responsible use of balloons and reducing their impact on the environment.

And Finally

Please excuse the construction site, I am currently upgrading to my new website. In the meantime, to discuss your needs; please contact me via or call me on 0401 960 612!


Welcome to A Rainbow of Balloons!