Balloon Twisting Workshop for JAZ Trading

When I was contacted by Zoe of JAZ Trading about running a balloon twisting workshop, I was very excited about the opportunity that she presented to me – and it was so easy to say a resounding Yes! I have had the pleasure of teaching balloon twisting workshops before, however to be invited to teach for others in the industry (who were also based interstate in QLD) was very exciting.

Do you know what this twist is called?

As this would be my first opportunity to deliver face-to-face training to others in the balloon industry, it was an exciting prospect to me – and one which I planned carefully for together with Zoe. (As an aside, if you’ve not heard of Zoe, you soon will! Not only is she considered one of QLDs top distributors of balloons and other industry related goodies – including beautiful florals – she also provides massive support and ideas to the industry. In addition to this, she is also a domestic and international balloon decor and styling instructor as well as the Director of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance… She really does it all!)

Some funky styled balloon boxes were provided to all attendees, curated to contain the materials for the class. Their bright and pastel hues provided a beautiful splash of colour to welcome people as they arrived and the eye catching boxes certainly hit their mark! 

Designs taught stemmed from a modular princess idea, and the goal was to inspire and equip the participants with designs that could be modified to make any princess or mermaid with a fabulous head of hair! Some designs were quick, and some were more detailed. 

balloon princess
A version of this Arabian Princess was taught!

There were hands on as well as demonstrations of techniques that could be used to build larger balloon sculptures, from select elements of my below mermaid centrepiece. She also features beautiful floral styling by the Queen of florals (Zoe!) as well as some beautiful chrome shades formulated by the Queen of Custom Colours (again of course that would be Zoe!).

(With special thanks to Party by Zosh for the picture!)

The room was buzzing and banging for what felt like an indeterminate amount of time – actually about 3 hours – and it was wonderful to be in such a friendly and welcoming environment and sharing my designs with the attendees!

After getting home again, my mind was buzzing with ideas on how to make some more heroic figures, that would compliment my other princess designs. When I get a moment or two spare, I would love to film them..! 🙂

I had an amazing time with Zoe and the team of JAZ Trading, with a huge thank you also goes out to Qualatex Australia for also sponsoring the event! 

Also, I am absolutely available to teach at any event you might be hosting, or alternatively working with those outside of the industry who are looking to participate in a fun and hands-on learning event. You’re welcome to contact me via to chat about it more!

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