Organic Balloon Garlands & More!

Sorry, currently not accepting new orders as at 25/07/2023.

Organising a baby shower in Palmerston? Or maybe a birthday party in Darwin? Maybe to bring the joy of balloons to your premises? Delight your guests with the visually stunning balloon architecture of an organic balloon garland. 
You can customize the features of this distinct style to add a bit of playful fun or even an elegant level of sophistication to any occasion. We can do this in a number of ways, including your choice of colours and and even the balloon sizes!  Together we will make it your own truly bespoke design and a one-of-a-kind compliment to your event.

So for your next party, opening or event – or anytime when you would love to celebrate with balloons – let’s get planning!

Are you ready to make your statement?


Choose from a rainbow of colours to design your garland. Make your colour selections from a wonderful range of high quality biodegradable balloons! Can’t see your special colour available? I can also create beautiful custom colours* too. Please note that for all of the below, delivery and installation will be at an additional cost. Free pick up is available from premises, however please ensure that you allow for a decent sized vehicle to arrange collection with.

$60/metre Featuring plain coloured latex in balloon sizes that range from 5 inches, 11 inches, and 16 inches*

$70/metre Plain coloured latex and featuring elements of printed and/or chrome balloons (you know the kind with the amazing shine? – that’s them!)

$80/metre for designs that feature a custom colour that accounts for approximately 1/3rds of the overall piece.

$80/metre for a design that features small to medium foil accents.

$90/metre for designs that are comprised entirely of the chrome print.

$100/metre for designs that feature custom colours that accounts for approximately 2/3rds of the overall piece.

$120/metre for a design that consists entirely of custom colours.

Organic Balloon columns  pricing starts at $50/ea – make additions such as paper streamers ($55) a large balloon topper with confetti inside and a custom message hand lettered on it (total of $80) or a large foil balloon (total of $70). More options are available, happy to discuss with you your ideas!

Organic Balloon Christmas Tree: Approximately 2 metres in height, it makes a visually stunning statement to any festive event! It will last for weeks, and if required I can be available to perform maintenance on this design (additional costs may apply). Priced from $500 for standard colours, and $700 for custom colours; which includes foil accents and additional balloon ‘presents’ to decorate. 

For all garlands that are more than 2 metres in length will feature complimentary giant balloons in their composition, otherwise they can be added to any design at an additional cost.

*Sizing relates to the potential size that can be achieved, however they will be inflated at varying sizes to achieve the principals of organic design.

 #Custom colours are achieved by placing one balloon inside another, therefore increasing the materials required for a garland of similar composition.