Balloon Team Building Workshops

Balloons are magic. Not in the sense that they are alive with agency and talent — but rather as a symbol and provider of joy and celebration, and their inherent ability to transcend the moment.

When a balloon animal is lovingly crafted and gifted to another -there is a connection between the giver and the receiver. To that recipient, the happiness and feelings of joy that the balloon has the ability to deliver is worth everything, and serves to re-affirm that they are worthy of joy, fun and whimsy. Herein lies the magic of balloons.

If you have a few moments, Addi Somekh beautifully and eloquently expresses these ideas in his inspirational TedX talk. I would highly recommend that you take the time to view the following video:

Is it not a strange curiosity that a balloon once gifted may still be cherished in the days, hours and minutes beyond the moment that it is received? And as the balloon transforms with the passage of time, that it can still illicit feelings of wonder at its very existence, and still posses the ability to bring about a smile? It is strange and curious thing indeed!

Now, Do I Have Your Attention?

I sure hope so! There is no denying the power of balloons. They are meaningful to people in so many ways, and I am privileged to experience this first hand. Which is also why I want to talk with you about one of my services that I offer: Balloon Twisting Team Building Workshops. Do you identify with the following?

Balloon Twisting Workshop in Katherine
Can we all agree that balloons are amazing?!
  • Work in child-centric environments
  • Looking for a unique experience
  • Have a team of employees
  • Want to be able to deliver joy to those you serve

If you nodded in agreement to any of the above, then I truly believe that I have the team building solution for you. Learning the art of transforming air, latex and whimsy into balloon creations is such a fun solution you weren’t aware that you were searching for!

Add some fun and colour into the everyday and leave the session with a new skill that will not only have the ability to enhance the lives of others, but help to ensure that you can be the life of the party!

Would you like to know why I chose to learn balloons? In my early twenties I felt drawn towards purchasing a small balloon twisting kit from the supermarket in which I worked. I loved the idea that I could learn how to make the special balloons that the kit promised to deliver. Quickly I discovered the joy that they can bring! The rest is history…! Little did I know how this idea would transform and shape my path in life.

What Happens in a Balloon Twisting Workshop?

It is very hands-on, loud, colourful and fun!

You will learn the fundamentals of balloon twisting from myself – a balloon professional with over 10 years experience in the industry. You can immediately put into practice the skills that you have learnt. By special request, we can even incorporate a design that is sure to be a hit for your clients (perhaps an iconic image unique to your profession, like a syringe for Nurses!)

All participants will be provided with their own high quality bag of twisting balloons, and balloon pump.

I would happily give any recommendations for further learning, and where additional resources might be purchased from.

The great news is, I am available for balloon team building workshops from Darwin to Katherine, and beyond!

Balloon twisting workshop in Katherine
Participants hard at work!

Where to From Here?

Let’s talk today about your needs! Pop me an email anytime and we can start arranging your next amazing team building workshop today!

A huge thank you to Mandy and the team at KICS for the above workshop photos!

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